Let’s Go Crazy: 5 of the Weirdest Rock-`n-Roll Conspiracy Theories

Buddy Holly’s Plane Was Brought Down by His Own Gun

That’ll be the day.

Bob Dylan Was Assassinated by the CIA

True only if you wear a tin-foil hat.

Charlie Manson Auditioned for The Monkees

Happily untrue.

Folk and Rock Musicians-Singers
For Acting Roles in New TV Series
Running Parts for 4 Insane Boys Age 17–21
Want Spirited Ben Frank’s Types

Have Courage to Work
Must Come Down for Interview

Four hundred and thirty-seven spirited Ben Franks auditioned, some of them probably even wearing Franklin-type granny glasses. Among them was a candidate who ended up on the short list — Steve Stills — who was eventually passed over because he looked “too old.” Harry Nilsson and Paul Williams were also on hand.

Hey, Hey, I’m Not a Monkee

The Jefferson Airplane Bootlegged Themselves to Pay Off Their Drug Dealer

Maybe true or maybe it’s just the drugs

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan Recorded Together as “The Masked Marauders”

Double-plus untrue.

Corporate Storyteller. Tech enthusiast. Mini Cooper fanboy. One-time chronicler of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour. Husband of Peggy. Human of Lily Rose.

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