The Wise Old Owl and the Callow Youth of America return to discuss the meaning of “Shadow Kingdom” and Mr. D.’s upcoming streaming concert

Callow Youth of America: Hey Woo! Long time no see. Wazzup!

The Wise Old Owl: It’s pronounced “Who,” youngster, and unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard about Bob Dylan’s streaming concert coming on July 18th.

CYA: Clue me in, daddy-o.

WOO: Here’s the June 16 Live…

Bob Dylan, Gladys Bentley, and the music of Juneteenth Jamboree

“‘Fatso’ Bentley, singing about the Juneteenth Jamboree, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery. The State of Texas made Juneteenth an official holiday in 19 and 80, and its the only state to celebrate this event.

Fred Bals

Corporate Storyteller. Tech enthusiast. Mini Cooper fanboy. One-time chronicler of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour. Husband of Peggy. Human of Lily Rose.

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